Manicure essentials: Tips on filing nails

Hello, beauty lovers!


In this post just a word or two about filing nails. I won’t be reviewing any products in this post, because I don’t feel like my Wilkinson Sword metallic file (I’ve had it for years now!) is worth mentioning. Soon enough it will be a glass file substituting my Wilkinson, so I’ll write a review when I get one. ūüėČ

This is a post from manicure essentials series; we’ve already written the reviews of nail polish remover and nail cuticle remover, you can also look up all the generic products we use for a manicure.


How do I file my nails?

I use two different files to shape my nails. I use the bigger one sparingly, only when I have to file my nails to a bigger extent Рbigger and rougher files come in handy for that. For minor corrections I use the smaller metallic file, which is very fine grained on one side Рit allows me to close the nail successfully before finishing the manicure.




So what are the tips to a successful filing? ūüėČ

  • Always file the nail in one direction! Do not zigzag on the nail when filing it; this kind of filing would leave the nail open and¬†vulnerable (water, dust…) – soon enough the nail end¬†would start cracking, layering… and we don’t want that. Filing in the same direction can be a pain in the ass and takes more time, but believe me – you’ll be grateful afterwards.
  • Use good quality files. This benefits your time (less needed), nails (better filing, nails are beautifully closed and not butchered!) and wallet (buying low quality files is no use, because they wear off sooner, so there’s a lot of money that can you can save on this).
  • Always finish¬†shaping the nail with the file (closing the nail end), even if you like to use the scissors for bigger works.


This would be all about nail filing. In the future posts I’ll be writing the reviews of my favourite cotton pads (a necessity in every girl’s life) and favourite base and top coats! Some of my holy grails coming in the form of reviews soon then!


Have a beautiful day!

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