Update: Beauty blender dupe review – some more tips!

I was posting about my beauty blender dupe just a few days after buying it. After using it a bit longer I have some more tips to share:

  • Less foundation consumption! I found out that the beauty blender absorbs less of foundation on itself, if I apply foundation and roughly smear it over my face prior to using the blender. I’m not smearing it as if would like to apply it all with my fingers (as very carefully and precise), I just smear it to cover almost all parts of my face. You don’t have to be precise, beauty blender will blend it beautifully!
  • Damp the blender lightly! I usually squeeze the blender, put it under running water for a second and release the squeeze then, quickly remove the blender from under the water and then squeeze it again to drain the excess water of the blender. Do not water the blender and repeteadly squeeze it – as I was told, it’s a catastrophe waiting to happen. Wet blender won’t blend the foundation as good as when just dampened.
  • Skin problems? Cleanse the blender after every use! I don’t want my skin to break out in impurities, that’s why I use antibacterial soap for cleansing. I recommend after usage cleansing also for all other cosmetic accessories of this kind (sponges), except for brushes. Brushes can be cleansed periodically; I clean mine once a week, for example.




Upper photography was made before I cleansed my beauty blender with antibacterial soap; the first few days of usage I used normal hand soap and wasn’t pleased with the result. Well, antibacterial soap saved the day – now there’s really a small area where you can see foundation residue on it.


Happy blending, ladies!

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