Report: Promotional L’Occitane face care

Approximately a week ago I published my L’Occitane haul when coming home from their promo face care. I promised you a report about that, didn’t I? 😉


Why did I decide to take part in their promotional face care?

A big part of my decision to try out L’Occitane face care was also being curious about the products – I must admit, I never tried them on before! I just heard that L’Occitane is carefully selecting the cosmetic ingredients and that their products are very much packed with natural ingredients; that’s all. I once got their foot and hand cream as a gift and was very pleased with the effect, but that was already a long time ago. Time to test new things! So I went to the store, MU-bare and ready for pampering! 🙂


Soooo… what happened?

I was warmly welcomed and a litlle chit-chat with the beautician followed. Mainly about my current face-care, any skin issues that I may have, and she introduced me to two face care collections that L’Occitane is promoting. Oh, and of course I told her about our freshly published beauty blog!

It’s been over  three months since I started using Derma E day and night creams, and I have not had major skin problems since. I had a hormonal outbreak of spots & blackheads two weeks ago then and that’s why I was using Avene Cleanance K (with AHA acids) as my night face care. As I have normal skin that is not difficult to take care of, I usually need a hydrating anti-age face care and that’s it.

We decided it’s best to try out mostly the products from their Immortelle colection (anti-age effect), combined with some from their Angelica collection (hydrating effect). She measured the level of my skin’s hydration and we were both satisfied – 63%, which is better than average. I guess I’m taking good care of my skin! 😉 After the complete face care the beautician applied also their BB cream. Since I told her about our beauty blog, she decided to equip me with testers of the products that we used. This way I could try the products out and write a report about that – we were both excited with that. I was given a booklet packed with testers. Before exiting the store, the beautician also sprayed some some L’Occitane perfume on me; it was a nice scent, but I guess these kind of scents just aren’t my thing. It was such an L’Occitane scent that I din’t even get the feeling of wearing perfume – but still, maybe it’s just me.


What products were used for the face care?



These are the products the beautician applied (in the following order):

  1. Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam,
  2. Immortelle Essential Water,
  3. Immortelle Brightening Essence (serum),
  4. Angelica Hydration Cream (day cream without SPF),
  5. Immortelle Eye Care & Mask Duo Brightening Correction,
  6. Immortelle Brightening Shield and Sunscreen SPF 40, and
  7. Sublime Beauty BB Cream SPF 30 (shade 01 – light).


All in all, how was the experience?

Already during the face care my skin started to glow (I guess they were pretty right on the “brightening” effect! 😉 ), it got a healthy shine. The products smelled typically L’Occitane-ish – gentle, herbal, fresh. Almost an aromatherapy! My skin was great afterwards (well, it normally is with my daily care) – the products were nicely absorbed into my skin. No feeling of heaviness, greasiness, just my skin but better! 🙂 It stayed like that all day.

I wasn’t very pleased with the application of BB cream, but that’s a thing we’ll test again. The BB cream by itself was OK, no complaint about that – but when I came home, I noticed some visible streaks of BB cream on my face. This probably happened because the beautician was applying it very gently; this way, she couldn’t properly blend it with my skin. I’m looking forward to test it again!


When is the test report coming out?

I was eager to start testing the products the same evening, but I noticed some minor breakouts, due to hormonal changes in my body. I’d like to test the products properly, so I decided to wait for my skin to get better (normal) again. This means I should start testing the products in a week’s time from now.

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