Manicure swatch: Essence Colour&Go “163 Hey, nude!” with sparkle sand effect

This is a manicure I made yesterday and yes, today I’m publishing it. I just love the effect of this nail polish, the longevity – not so much. Read on.

Approximately two weeks ago I was shopping in Italy, sweeping the Essence stand for things I might have not had the opportunity to see in Slovenia. And I found this nail polish! You can’t find this one on Essence stands in Slovenia – as I’m informed, they don’t even hold it. The first polish I bought did not want to dry, so I went and changed it for another one – problem solved.


The photo is taken in natural light, on a sunshiny day, but still – it doesn’t show the true glittering effect of this beauty. I guess there’s a purchase of a new camera lens in question for me! 😉 The manicure in done with two coats, and there is still some visible nail lines (VNL) – I like it that way.


This is a polish from Essence Sparkle sand effect collection, which was released as a part of Fall-Winter 2013 collection. I already own one of those in black colour (165 Here’s my number), but to say the truth, I like this pinkish/nude shade better. It looks almost frosty, and it’s no question why it was a part of a winter polish collection, right? Sparkle sands are textured nail polishes – when they dry, they give your manicure a sandy texture. It includes glitter of different sizes; to my eye, it seems like there are only two types of glitter in this nail polish (really micro nude ones – almost a shimmer, and there’s a lot of them, followed by bigger silver circular glitter, which are scarcer).

The drying time actually surprised me; it dried quite faster than I expected! I gave the nail polish a good half an hour to dry out, because I was applying coats rather generously and did not use my classical fast drying G2G top coat (if I did, the texture wouldn’t be visible, so I could wave the sand effect goodbye). I don’t expect the nail polish to dry quickly without fast drying top coat, so maybe it’s just me that’s too patient! 😉

Aaaaand, here we come to talk about longevity of this nail polish. Well, I’m disappointed. I made my manicure before going to work and I came home with nail polish chipped on 3 of my nails. As I’m using my hands a lot during my work, and there’s no time to be careful about my nails then, I’d say that’s the ultimate test I can give to a new nail polish. Sadly, this one just didn’t do it’s job. I definitely think it would perform better if you work in an office!



  • There’s another thing that I like to do with these sand nail polishes: apply a generous amount of top coat over, which gives you great results, too! The texture is not visible anymore, just glitter & smooth nail polish, and I must say, I love that effect, too! So today, I repainted the nails with chipped nail polish and then gave it a go with G2G. Voila, a new mani! Unfortunately the photo material on this renewed mani didn’t come out as I hoped, so I guess I’ll have to get better with capturing different effects in the future. 😉
  • You can change the final colour of mani with this polish if you apply a polish of some other colour before applying this one. As “Hey, nude” is almost see-through, it shouldn’t be a problem to find a nail polish that would live this frosty beauty up. I tried to paint one of my nails in that manner, but it didn’t come out as I hoped, so I guess I’m in debt to you for the future manis! 😉
  • The removal of all glittery nail polishes can be a pain in the ass, we all know that. If you still didn’t hear about it, the foil method works wonders with that! We’ll be posting about that in our next posts, too!



Do you like sandy textured nail polishes? Why? Did you already tried any from Essence? What’s your experience? Do you like to wear these polishes also with top coat?


What are your thoughts on this?

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