Manicure essentials: Aroma gel cuticle remover review

Time for a new post in series manicure essentials! I was already writing about all the products you will need for a neat manicure, and I reviewed Aroma nail polish remover and some hand creams. It’s time to review my next beloved product – cuticle remover.


There’s no manicure without neatly done nail cuticles, now I know that. I never used it before informing myself on how-to-manicure, but in the last months it became an essential part of my manicure routine.  I got mine in a DM store for 4,35€. The price looks high at a first glance, but if you consider the small amount needed for removing your cuticles, you figure out it’s a pretty affordable price. I think mine will last for a year, if not longer!


The flask is nicely shaped, comes in a pink colour (as all of the products in Afrodita’s Aroma collection). It contains 50 ml of the product. When turned over for application, the product comes out easily through the spout without really tough pressing on the flask (which is made in quite hard plastic, by the way).


You also get a wooden stick as a part of the Afrodita Aroma  package. I’m already using some other nail sticks now, which can be seen on the first pic. They are some random sticks that I found in an Italian store, and I’m not very pleased with them; after one usage they are already shredding at the end. I guess I’m in search for wooden sticks of bigger quality!

From the manufacturer:

It easily and painlessly removes the cuticle and helps you shape it. Recommended weekly routine.

After removing polish from your fingernails or artificial nails, use the spout to apply the remover to the cuticle. After 2 minutes, use the enclosed stick on the nail bed, moving from one side to the other and pushing the cuticle back. Rinse your hands under running water and brush the nails.

All clear? 😉

I like the product very much, because it’s easy to use, effective and gentle to my hands at the same time. I did not try any other similar products, because this is the first one of that kind for me. I guess I’ll be using it for a long time to come, as the consumption of it is so slow. I chose the product based on Slovenian women reviews, and I must say that it got a lot of great grades!


I’m removing my cuticles every second manicure. As though the product can be as gentle on your nails and skin as possible, it still contains some irritating agents (it wouldn’t remove your cuticles without them, right?); I don’t like to put aggressive products on my hands more than it’s truly needed!



  • Removing your cuticles with scissors is a big no-no! You risk damaging/cutting your skin, which makes it more susceptible to infections.
  • It is best to remove your cuticles before doing a mani with some dark-coloured nail polishes. The polish spills on the remained cuticle are less visible when using light-coloured polishes, but we just can’t let that happen with dark-coloured ones!

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