Countdown: Mueller drugstore opening on April 3rd in Qlandia, Nova Gorica!

This is a post with useful info for those from Goriška region in Slovenia. Mueller drugstore is opening in Nova Gorica, and we’re counting down fast: 4 days to go! It’s opening in the Qlandia shopping centre on the 3rd of April.

When being a student in our capital, I clearly remember going to Mueller a lot. A big store where you can find whatnot! When I heard unconfirmed rumors that Mueller is coming to Nova Gorica, I really hoped these rumors would prove true – and yaaay, they did! It’s some months now that DM is becoming pricy, and even don’t offer such good discounts as they once did, so the Mueller opening is a great news!

For the non-believers (this is a print-screen from the Qlandia web page): 😉



So now you know where to find me on thursday, 3rd of April. Hope there will be some nice discounts due to the opening!

What are your thoughts on this?

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