Manicure swatch: Bourjois 10 days nr.14 review!

This is a manicure I wore few days back. My nails are bare at this moment, because I let them breathe a bit before making my next manicure. So, what do I think about Bourjois nr.14?



The photo was made on a cloudy day, hence darker nuances. The colour of the nail polish however came out just fine, to my opinion just as it is in real life. The colour is a soft mauve pink – it’s perfect for one of those natural manicures. You can see some shimmering, when viewing the bottle from close, but the shimmer unfortunately doesn’t show on the nails.


The polish has a specific brush, especially designed for easier application.



It’s design was totally new to me and I was a bit clumsy with it from the start. A girl does get better with practice! 😉 I must say that the brush is really easy to hold in hand, it has a specifically designed handle that narrows on top and enables a better grip. The handle is the same colour as that of the nail polish – I just love that! I also like the flask a lot, because it doesn’t take up much place in my nail polish box.

Because of my clumsiness my first two coats didn’t even out as I wished, that’s why I put the third coat on. I got a feeling that with practice (read: from the first to the third coat) the streakiness subsided, but I still can’t say for sure. (When I get myself my second mani with this beauty, I’ll keep you posted on the streakiness!) The pigmentation is good; if it wasn’t for my awkward application, I think the polish would give you perfect coverage with two coats.

I can’t help you on the fastness of drying, because I always finish my manicure with Essie’s G2G. That’s why I can’t say anything on how long the manicure lasts. With this mani the first chipping started to show after 4 days, but I think that was due to my poorly filed nails and a lot of work in the water (no, unfortunately gloves are not an option). So, all in all, I think the longevity of the nail polish should be just fine.


I bought this polish for 3,48€ (50% discounted price) in DM exactly a month back. 😉

What are your thoughts on this?

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