Latest haul: A pouch of L’Occitane selected products

Hello, beauties!


Today I was pampering myself in L’Occitane shop in Qlandia (Nova Gorica, Slovenia). Stella reminded me of an offer for a face care and ofcourse I had to go check!

The face care was such a nice experience (I’ll be writing about this in one of my next posts, so just follow), and I brought home with me a cute pouch of L’Occitane products and what’s more, also a nice quantity of testers. I’ll be testing the products in the coming week and publish a review on the blog, too.


For today, let’s just take a look on my haul – can’t wait to start using the products!


The pouch is white & silvery (glimmers on the sunshine! 😉 ), and it contains four mini L’Occitane products:

– Immortelle Precious Cleansing Foam (50ml),

– Immortelle Essential Water (30ml),

– Immortelle Brightening Essence (4ml), and

– Immortelle Brightening Moisture Cream (8ml).


Corsican Immortelle collection contains an incredibly high concentration of active ingredients and it’s known for exceptional anti-aging powers. More in the upcoming posts!


Do you use these products? What’s you’r experience with them? Which product from L’Occitane is your favourite?

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