Organize: All nail polish shades at hand!

Did you ever found asking yourself “Is this shade really different than the one I have at home?”, when choosing a new polish beauty in the store? If yes, read on.


Yes, we all know that shopping store lights are nothing natural at all, and yes, we’ve been all driven mad by this fact when trying to choose new colour of eyeshadow, lipstick, foundation, etc. We all know that the tested product could show in a very different shade on the sunlight than under artificial light.

What to do with all the nail polishes then? We surely can’t bring them to the store; this would result in me carrying around a quite big heavy bag, and I don’t even have that much polishes yet!

I was looking for a solution to my problem and e-bay became my best friend in that matter. Needless to say, I couldn’t find a similar thing in Slovenian shops, and I was making inquiries for some months before starting searching on the web. And this was the result:


This is just perfect! Now I can take my nail polish palette wherever I go shopping for new polishes. Suddenly swatching in the store gets a new meaning – it’s really useful, because you have your own palette to compare the new swatch to. And never mind the lights – we cracked that problem at least for nail polishes, huh!


I ordered the palette with 50 pieces, because it was the only one that contained also the screw to fix all the pieces together. I purchased it for just some euros – I don’t remember the price anymore, I just know that it was super-cheap.



Organize, my ladies! It makes life easier, saves space and what’s most important – also saves our mind from going bollocks! 😉


I definitely recommend this!

What are your thoughts on this?

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