Organize: Make-Up IKEA box review

I finally found a practical way to organize my MU! Since I started using it (and that was a looong time ago) I always stored it in various baskets and glasses. Well, it worked quite well, but  there was still a lot of searching, sometimes the basket would fall of the shelf and all went flying to the floor – you probably already know these scenarios, and there are even more… Want to organize your MU better? Read on.


The answer is IKEA Godmorgon box with compartments. Affordable, and very practical. I bought mine in IKEA Villese (Italy) for 14,99€. As I was looking at this box in catalogue, I thought that it’s smaller than in reality and was wondering if I’d need two of them to arrange all my MU. Seeing them in IKEA when purchasing reassured me that they’re definitely big enough, so I took just one. I fitted perfectly!



The box is made of clear plastic and is primarily meant to fit in an IKEA drawer. It’s dimensions are 32cm (length) x 28cm (width) x 10cm (height). As you can see through the material, there’s no problem finding anything in a second! The box is really easy to handle. 

The box contains a lot of compartments, from a really big one to a series of little compartments for lipstick. As I had some doubts about the practicality of the usage before, they all vanished when I started to put all my MU in.





IKEA once again justified it’s renome as a practical solution solver. 😉

I warmly recommend this drawer!

What are your thoughts on this?

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