The hype: Beauty blender dupe review

Beauty blender? Say what? Beauty blender?!? What’s this? Lately beauty forums & blogs are buzzing with info on Beauty blender and their dupes. What’s all the fuss about?




First there was the original Beautyblender (prices range from cca. $20 to $32). It was invented by Hollywood make up artist Rea Ann Silva, and became five-time Allure Best of Beauty Award-winner. Once it became popular, a myriad of generic dupes emerged and nowadays you can find one in almost every store’s beauty section (prices range from 1€ up). I bought my dupe for 2,25€ in a Tedi store.

So, what the heck is a beauty blender?

It’s an elliptic sponge, in most cases designed as a tear. Some of dupes are even more ergonomical and have a more specific shape (my co-blogger Tasha will be reviewing one like that). It’s meant for blending foundation and even eyeshadow, if you will (ask uncle Google on that). Most of the ladies use this product just for foundation, because it gives the most natural and flawless foundation finish you can get. I haven’t heard of anyone using it as a blender for eyeshadow yet.

The sponge is supposed to be used dampened (but some women also use it dry). When damp, it should increase it’s size and become even more tender. When applying foundation, different women have different ways of applying it; some just spot the foundation on various areas of the face and then dab-dab-dab-dab-dab-(….dabbing on repeat…) the blender over the whole face to get a nice evened-out finish. Some firstly apply the foundation classically with fingers and then dab (dab-dab-…now you already know how it goes!) the whole face over with the sponge – the effect also shows, at least so I’m told. For the areas of the face that are more difficult to access (eyes, nose – there’s a lot of curves!) the narrower part of the sponge is used.

It is advised to wash the blender after use, some manufacturers will even provide you with specific beauty blender cleansers.

My experience:

As I said, I bought a generic one and didn’t purchase a cleanser for it. I’m still in the phase of testing and don’t wan’t to give a lot of money for something I won’t need in the end.

Well, my sponge is quite compact, it doesn’t grow in size when dampened, and it stays as compact as before. It sits quite nicely in the hand, but I think it would fit even better if it really expanded a bit. I also miss the legendary tenderness of the product, especially for the areas around my eyes.

The blender really does a nice job with blending foundation – no arguing about that. I apply spots of foundation over my face and then dab those spots into a full foundation. When you’re using various sponges for foundation, you have to expect to use bigger quantity of the foundation, because some of it stays on the sponge. But the degree of foundation consumption is not alarming – i figured out that I use just a little more foundation than before. I was such an enthusiast for applying the foundation with fingers – well, thinking again, not anymore. I found my second best friend for my foundation routine!

When finished, I wash it after every use, but as you can see on the picture, some foundation still stays on the sponge. I tried to wash it with normal hand-soap, shampoo, natural soaps… no difference, there was still a foundation residue staying. Today I washed it with antibacterial soap and voila! – problem solved. My beauty blender looks almost as good as new, there’s just some minor residue showing on some square millimetres area – it’s not even noticeable.

All in all?

I like the effect of this product a lot and I see myself using it regularly. Now I understand what all the fuss is about. The things I don’t like (compactness, size) can be easily changed by buying one from a different manufacturer and that’s what I’ll do. I’ll let you know about my experience with the new one(s), too, so follow our posts!

What about you? Did you already try the new hype, are maybe using it regularly? What are your favourite ways of application? Do you use it also for blending eyeshadow?

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