Practical: Sephora face disc review

This is a gem that I encountered by chance. Checking the new Sephora store in Tiare Shopping (Villese, Italy), I found this pretty little thing. Stella explained to me how it’s used and naturally – it went home with me.


What is it?

The disc is used while cleansing your face. It’s a flexible silicone pad with tiny bristles; because of it’s properties it gently massages the face, gently exfoliates the skin, enabling effective cleansing of the pores. Frequent usage results in a soft and invigorated skin.

My experience:

I use the disc in the evening, when cleansing my MU. (I don’t use it for the removal of eye MU!) When I remove my eye MU, I wet my face and disc, put some washing cream on the disc and start massaging my face with it. Because of it’s softness it’s really an enjoyable experience, which I look forward to every evening. I like the effects of gentle massaging and exfoliation – your skin really is softer afterwards. I wash it after usage and make sure there’s no residue left on it; nobody wants skin problems because of insufficient hygiene. When it’s washed, you can pop it to whatever smooth surface you’d like (with the holder on the lower side of the dics) and it stays there till the next usage. I’d recommend this disc for your daily routine for sure!


If you’re a lover of microfaser cloths to cleanse your face, think again. Here’s why: the disc stays firmly in your hand while using it (cloths slip and slip and slip), and there’s definitely less pulling of the skin while cleansing it. This is actually the gentlest way of cleaning my skin that I tried till today!

As I said, I bought mine in Sephora shop in Tiare shopping centre (Villese, Italy), the price was 5€. I noticed that there’s a slightly higer price in Sephora’s online shop (6€).

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