Organize: Brushes

If you love make-up, you have to have some brushes. When I started using them, they found a storage place in a basket right in the middle of all my maskaras, shades, etc. Not practical at all.

So I found a solution; went to the nearest store & bought another basket that suited my new plan, brought it home, put some rice in it as a filling and voila! – my new brush storage was made! It’s a practical solution, brushes don’t touch one another (and therfore there’s no fear of transmitting powder/pigments/etc from one brush to another), and they stay nicely upright all the time. What’s more, it even looks lovely!

Organizing brushes

You could use another type of fill also; my advice would be to choose a type that won’t damage your brushes’ wooden/pastic part. We’re talking about no sharp edges in fill material, also not too hard one.


How do you store your brushes? If you still didn’t find a way to store them effectively, this suggestion might be just right for you.

Comin soon: how to clean my brushes?

What are your thoughts on this?

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