Manicure essentials: Hand and Nail Conditioners reviews

This is the third post on explaining my manicure essentials. In the first one you can read about everything needed for a good manicure, the second gives you some advice on choosing the right nail polish remover.

When the nail polish is removed, it’s time to condition the hands, nail cuticles and nails. In this post we’ll be talking about some hand & nail conditioners (creams) that can do a great job. If I find another good hand cream in future, I’ll sure be posting about this on our blog to inform you.

Needless to say, a girl tries on a lot of hand creams in her life. I’ve had my fair share, too. Since I’m regularly doing my manicures for quite some time now, I’m always in need for a good hand cream. Nail polish and cuticle removers can be quite aggressive to your skin and nails, leaving them dried out (if not anything worse). Below I present you with hand creams that I tested and did their job well!

Hand and nail cream with pure Argan oil from Phytorelax Laboratories


Source of the photo:

I give 5 stars to this hand and nail cream in an instant, it’s a true gem! Really fast absorbing, very conditioning, and what’s more, a nice fresh aroma. When applied, you’ll notice that the hand cream makes some kind of a protecting filter, if you put your hands in water. But the filter is noticeable only when working with water – when outside of water, your hands will just look and feel heavenly conditioned. And the effect lasts! Somedays I don’t even need to reapply it daily, and application every two days will do. What’s more, the cream also conditions your nails. The cream is from Phytorelax Laboratories from Harbor, Italy. It comes in a jar packaging, contains 100 ml.

Manufacturers description (from their web page):

“A fast absorbing cream with a rich formula that leaves the hands soft and velvety while protecting and reinforcing the fingermalls. Contains pure argan oil, which is prized for its protective, hydrating and emollient properties.”

I’d just like to add that the argan oil is pure organically grown.

I bought it in one of the tax-free shops at slovenian-italian border (Kompas Shop) for 6,00 €. I find the price a very fair one for a great product. The product lasts for quite some time (mine approximately 2 months, and I use it daily), because you don’t need a big amount of cream to do the magic.

I don’t know if any other shops in Slovenia hold this cream. If you have any additional information on that, you are welcome to leave a comment below – I think a lot of ladies would be thankful for that! I noticed that this cream is really pricy overseas (prices range from $18,85 on AllAboutNailBeauty to $24,90 on Amazon), so we can consider ourselves lucky with a really affordable price here in Slovenia. 😉

Karite Hand Cream – Nourishing and Protecting – from Equilibra

Crema Mani Karite

Photo source:

This is a cream I bought just a week ago and must say that I’m posivitely surprised. Fast absorbing and very conditioning for the hands!

Manufacturers description (from their web page):

“A soft, gently  perfumed cream, that is quickly absorbed without any greasy effect. Especially developed for the beauty of the hands, it is ideal for daily use and necessary in case of dryness, cracking and loss of suppleness of the skin. The vegetable glycerin restores the natural softness and moisturization. The tolerability of the dermatologically tested formula is enhanced by the absence of parabens. 100% pure Equilibra® Karitè butter, nourishes, protects and softens the skin of the hands. Karitè butter, contained in big amounts (20%), nourishes the skin in-depth, makes it supple and protects it against the attack of external agents.”

It’s true. No greasiness on the hands after use, the cream just moisturises and gives back softness to your hands. As we can see on the declaration, karite butter is second in place in ingredients, so yes, I guess there’s really a big amount of it in the product. Feels like that, too! 😉

I found it in an italian store and bought it for a discounted price of 2,99€ (in their online store the price is 3,50€). Very affordable.

24h Hand Protection Balm – Banana & Dark Chocholate – from Essence

Essence Hand cream Banana Dark Chocolate

Photo source:

This cream is also a gem for me – it’s scent is heavenly! I never bought products that have a chocolate/banana aroma, because I just don’t like the way it smells on my body. Well, this is one big exception! The cream leaves your hands supple and moisturized.

From the declaration:

” (…) 24h hand protection balm is an intensive repair care for particularly rough and dry hands. The repair formula with shea butter and coconut oil provides moisture & care and frotects your hands from dryness for up to 24 hrs. Does not leave an oily residue.”

The manufacturer actually states true facts. There is a fair amount of both shea and coconout butter in the product (we find them on the second and third place on ingredients list).

I bought it in Slovenian DM for a price just under two euros. The cream was a part of winter 2013/14 hand creams limited edition and I can’t find it in the stores anymore – I really hope that’s not the only time we’ve seen this cream around!

Well, my beauties, that’s it for this post! If you discovered another hand cream that does the job beautifully, leave a comment below. We’ll be glad to review some of them, too!

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