Manicure essentials: Afrodita oil-base nail polish remover review

This post is one of the series of manicure essentials, more will follow in the next weeks.

When it comes to nail polish remover, there’s only one product that I’ve been using for quite some time now. As I live in Slovenia, I consider myself quite happy to have the opportunity to got to know this product – I really like it. It’s an Aroma acetone-free oil based nail polish remover from Afrodita Cosmetics, a slovenian manufacturer of beauty & care products. It contains grape seed oil and lemon essential oil, smells beautifly and is very gentle on nails.

But before we start to talk about this one product, I’d like to tell you something very important. When you go hunting stores for a new nail polish remover, you have to look for one without acetone; otherwise, you risk drying out your nails after just a few manicures and that’s definitely not the way we want to go. So, it’s great if you find a nail polish that’s acetone-free and contains some of the oils for conditioning, too.



From the declaration:

It says that this remover is also suited for removing nail polish from artificial nails, too. “Conditions the nail and cuticle, and keeps the nail flexible and firm. Prevents nail discoloration, thus preserving their natural colour.”

Ingredients from the declaration:

INCI: Ethyl acetate, Alcohol Denat., Aqua, Helianthus annuus seed oil, Vitis vinifera seed oil, Olus oil, Citrus medica limmonum oil, Parfum, Citric acid, Tocopherol, D-Limonene, Citral.”

The remover has a nice grape aroma – in my opinion, it’s the best smelling one in Slovenia! (I’m quite a knucklehead for different aromas, so this means a lot to me.) You almost don’t have the feeling of removing your nail polish with a remover, because it smells so differently than (almost?) all other removers; no stinky acetone smell. The remover doesn’t leave any oily residues on your nails, which is the next great point of this product. It also protects your nails as good as is gets, and you’ll find that a frequent usage of it won’t damage your nails a bit. Hooray! I’m a bit skeptic about the Alcohol denat. as an ingredient on the second place, but I guess that’s still better than acetone. We’ll see how this nail polish remover will go along with my nails in the future – if anything changes, I’ll post it for sure. From the fourth to the eighth place in ingredients we find a pack of 4 oils (sunflower, grape seed, vegetable and lemon), which condition the nails and we like that a lot. 🙂

I buy it in Slovenian DM (Drogerie Markt) for 3,35€. The flask contains 125ml of product, so yes, it’s not the cheapest bargain, but I frankly don’t care. My nails are beautiful and that’s all that I want to know. 😉

What nail polish remover do you use? Does it do it’s job OK? Does it contain acetone?

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