My manicure essentials

There are some products that you’ll be using at every manicure and it’s good to choose them well. Normally it goes in this order:

– nail polish remover,

– hand and nail cream through the night (cotton gloves are not such a bad idea either),

– nail cuticle remover nad some wooden sticks to help you with that,

– nail files (I usually use two diferrent files – a more rough one for the bigger ordeals and a finer one for final touches),

– base coat,

– nail polish colour of the momentary inspiration, and

– last but not least, a top sealer or top coat.

We will be extending our knowledge on these in the coming posts! I figured out that different scissors (for nails and nail cuticles) are a big no-no for me.

6 responses to “My manicure essentials

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