A warm welcome, beauties! Manicure with springy Manhattan 43k!

It’s the month of march and spring is bursting from every plant, tree, blossoming already started here. It’s time to say goodbye to wintery nail polishes and embrace colours!

My latest new acqusition was a nail polish of a vibrant pinky coralish colour from Manhattan. I’m not so keen anymore on buying nail polishes from Manhattan (I actually don’t know why, that’s a good question), but this was a colour that had to go home with me. Needless to say that it was exact match for my new lipstick that I bought that day, right? 😉

So this springery nail polish is actually Manhattan 43k (I mean, seriously, could they invent even a better name fot it?). The colour is really vibrant – the pigmetation is great, the consistency of the polish is OK (not too thick and not too thin). You can still see a bit of the nail through one coat of the polish – two coats give you the perfect full colour coverage. The nail polish doesn’t streak, which is a big thumbs-up for me. I can’t say anything about the quickness of drying, because I always use a quick drying top coat on the end.

At the time of the manicure I didn’t have my photo camera with me, so I’ll have to swatch the manicure some other day. Till then there’s only my pallette swatch photo that I can upload, so you can get some feeling what the colour lookes like. The photo is not a good quality, but it will have to do till I upload the true swatches. 😉

SwatchPalette Manhattan43k PN

What are your thoughts on this?

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